What is Graphitic Carbon Nitride?

Graphitic carbon nitride is a 2D material whose structure is similar to graphene, except that it consists of carbon and nitrogen atoms rather than carbon alone.baseweb04

This means it retains some of the properties of graphene, but rather than being electrically conductive, it is a semiconductor with a significant electron band gap.  This gives it many interesting properties including :

Use as a photocatalyst – it is possible to catalyse the splitting of water to release hydrogen under direct sunlight.  This activity is still ongoing at lab scale, in multiple places.  Here is an item published by one example: KAUST university article

Use as a future silicon replacement.  Yes, one day your electronics will not be based on silicon.  It seems it will be a long way away, but various 2D materials have been proposed including carbon nitride:  Future silicon replacement article

I’ve been working on the supply of this material to research institutes all over the world since 2012, with Carbodeon.  Now Carbodeon will focus only on nanodiamond materials and predominantly on industrialised applications, so Fairland Technology will take up the carbon nitride supply business.

Currently my interests are in serving the R&D community with the graphitic carbon nitride powder in small quantities, but I am also looking at some application level opportunities which might see something bigger being created out of this over the next year(s).  If anyone has any interest in carbon nitride synthesis, research or application, please do contact me.

Click below for the data sheet of the material:

Datasheet FT C3N4


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