Another USA Nanodiamond Powder / Nanodiamond Dispersion Patent for Carbodeon: Why do we do this?

The Carbodeon CTO works hard at this – he’s proud of the scientific development and he was formerly a qualified patent attorney, so it ticks multiple boxes for him.  Question is, what can it do for YOU, as a customer?  And how does it help me in business development?

Patents are an ancient concept that started with restaurant dishes in Ancient Greece, apparently.  Now you can argue for and against their role in supporting technological development, but it’s not the arguing time of day so I’d just like to introduce our stance on this.

Carbodeon develops new materials which have the capacity to modify the properties of other materials and surfaces when used as an additive.  Wonderful.  This development takes a long time and costs rather a lot, so in the first instance we would like to secure the results as our own.  But none of that is necessarily useful to you.

I got involved in nanomaterials and Carbodeon because I saw the potential of these materials to solve problems that I had experienced in the earlier parts of my career:  These problems included friction, wear, thermal limitations of materials, dissipation of heat, but most importantly the need to have a unique advantage over my competitors.  I started in engine components with the excellent Federal-Mogul Corporation.  As a manufacturing engineer I was initially focussed on maximising the efficiency of the manufacturing process, but as time went on and for whatever reason I was promoted to more senior and more customer facing roles.  It became apparent that manufacturing efficiency wasn’t really a sales argument that helped secure business at attractive prices.  What won business was being able to offer the customer something that nobody else had, that delivered an advantage to them.  And this could generate profitable wins in a mature market that was fighting commoditisation.

So our approach to business is to look for ways to provide unique advantages to our customers.  Giving you the opportunity to have best in class product parameters by a significant margin, or even better being able to solve a problem nobody else can.  Or even better, enable creation of a product that wasn’t possible before.  And that is why it’s important for us to secure patents for our materials, so that you know you are working with something special.  It works.

In further defence of the patent system, Carbodeon’s CTO would like to stress also the importance of ensuring our customers have freedom to operate, assured by the patents.  And also that in his other important but not so exciting work, we have secured US EPA registration for Carbodeon products for import into the USA via Silicon Sense:

Back to the thing I was supposed to be writing about:  US 9,884,767 B2 “Zeta Positive Hydrogenated Nanodiamond Powder, Zeta Positive Single Digit Hydrogenated Nanodiamond Dispersion, and Methods for Producing Same” .   It’s a snappy title, you can read the whole thing on google patents here:

And if you like that, I can send you another 10 or so to read.

Gav Farmer

Carbodeon Ltd Oy:

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